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Discover San Diego Storage Units with Concierge Service

San Diego storage is easier and more cost-effective than ever with Closetbox. Rather than deal with the inevitable headaches and hidden fees of traditional storage, all you need to do is estimate the size of your storage needs and schedule a pick up date. We provide complimentary loading, hauling, unloading, and tracking. From Point Loma to Mission Beach, from Pacific Beach to Carlsbad, and throughout the entire San Diego area, our concierge service team is revolutionizing local storage solutions. 


2208 Harmony Grove Road,
Escondido, CA 92029
$77.58Per Month
Small Room
$101.76Per Month
2-3 Rooms
$180.12Per Month
3+ Rooms
$333.84Per Month

A Better Option for San Diego Self-Storage

San Diego may not have the infamous reputation for traffic that LA does, but we still have plenty of traffic congestion. Maybe it's the 5, maybe it's the 805. Even up in our neck of the woods, CA route 78 is no picnic during certain times of the day. No matter, let us fight the traffic for you. Our professional, licensed movers have the patience and local knowledge to safely transport your belongings into our San Diego storage units. 

Likewise, storage containers often fail to deliver on their over-hyped promise. Be sure to get a full accounting of the fees. These solutions are rarely as cost-effective or as hassle-free as they seem. Plus, even if you're not bound by the bylaws of your homeowners association, don't underestimate the annoyance of the eyesore and available parking to your neighborhood. 


Safe, Secure San Diego Storage

For some of our customers, it's not just the convenience but the added security of our concierge service. San Diego self-storage facilities can be poorly lit and located in more remote parts of town. Other customers have 24-hour access to the site. With Closetbox, simply call ahead and one of our personal storage concierges will help you retrieve your items. Or, for a small fee, we offer return-on-demand delivery, including partial return and prorated storage charges. Plus, with our online dashboard feature, you can request this return delivery with the push of a button. This same online tracking system also ensures that, even after an undetermined number of months, you always know exactly what you've put into storage with the Closetbox. Consider the benefits our complete storage solutions:

  • Free Pickup at Your Door
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Available
  • Online Dashboard for Return-on-Demand
  • Professional, Licensed Movers
  • Employees Background Checked
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Valuables Coverage Available


We do ask that you box up any smaller items, but we'll have blankets and coverings for furniture and other large household items. As a rule of thumb, we'll take almost anything that can be lifted by two able-bodied adults. We can also drop off extra packing supplies if you need them. Whether it's surfing, sailing, or simply overflow furniture, whether you're starting a new business or safeguarding family heirlooms that go back generations, Closetbox is a better option for your San Diego self-storage. 


Prices for San Diego Storage Units 

As surprising as it to some, our San Diego storage units are priced favorably against the competition, especially when you account for all the hidden costs associated with the other guys. One of the big ways we ensure cost-effective solutions is by never asking you to pay for more storage than use. So while you take a look at our full-unit storage prices, know that we offer partial storage starting as low as $12/month.


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How It Works

  • Free Pickup. Our friendly, professional movers pick up at your doorstep for free.
  • Organized. Labels are provided for each item so return delivery is simple.
  • Secured & Tracked. Your storage is safely secured in our facility. Track via your dashboard.
  • On-Demand Return. One click to request any item to be returned to your door.

You only pay for what you store.

We don't charge you for the space you don't use because everyone's storage needs are not created equal.

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